Oahu Beaches

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  • Nanakuli beach: Nanakuli Beach Park

    Nanakuli Beach Park

    Nanakuli, Oahu
    If you're looking to get away from the city and experience a beach that is a bit more "rural Hawaii," Nanakuli Beach Park is a must-see. On any given day of the week you'll find that the majority of beachgoers here are locals and with plenty of... Read more
  • Waimanalo beach: Kaupo Beach Park

    Kaupo Beach Park

    Waimanalo, Oahu
    Kaupo Beach is a beautiful, narrow stretch of coast just outside of Waimanalo on the southern tip of Oahu's windward side. Featuring soft sand, calm tidepools, and gorgeous views, it's predominantly a "locals beach" and is rarely loud or... Read more
  • Laie beach: Laie Point State Wayside

    Laie Point State Wayside

    Laie, Oahu
    Offering epic views, good fishing, and great photographic opportunities, Laie Point is a must-see along Oahu's northeastern coast. It is located a bit off the main road, so often missed unless you know to look for it. AT A GLANCE: HIGHLIGHTS:... Read more
  • Kaneohe beach: Kaneohe Bay

    Kaneohe Bay

    Kaneohe, Oahu
    Providing a dramatic backdrop for many Hollywood Blockbusters, including Pearl Harbor, Gilligan's Island and Adam Sandler's beloved cult classic 50 First Dates, Kaneohe Bay is one of East Oahu's most idyllic areas. Not so much a beach (sand... Read more
  • Honolulu beach: Kaimana Beach aka San Souci

    Kaimana Beach aka San Souci

    Honolulu, Oahu
    Kaimana Beach, located on a stretch of Kalakaua Avenue known as Gold Coast and is between the War Memorial Natatorium and the New Otani Kaimana Hotel (where it gets its name from), is the go-to beach for sand, sun, and socializing.  Also... Read more
  • North Shore beach: Sunset Beach - Paumalu

    Sunset Beach - Paumalu

    North Shore, Oahu
    This beach is wild and wonderful, with azure-colored waters near shore that expand out to meet deep-blue ocean horizon. It is home to one of the most legendary stretches of surf in the Hawaiian islands, as well as one of the most dangerous... Read more
  • Laie beach: Malaekahana State Beach and Recreation Area

    Malaekahana State Beach and Recreation Area

    Laie, Oahu
    One of the most beautiful spots on Oahu's northeastern coast, Malaekahana State Recreation Area covers 37 acres of secluded beach and forest and is a popular camping destination.AT A GLANCE: HIGHLIGHTS: Malaekahana offers a variety of camping... Read more
  • Haleiwa beach: Ehu Kai Beach Park - Banzai Pipeline

    Ehu Kai Beach Park - Banzai Pipeline

    Haleiwa, Oahu
    One of the world's most famous big wave surfing locations, this beach park is a mile of light sandy beach connecting to 1.2 acres of grass lands. This mecca of surfing is the center of activity during large northern swells that reach the area... Read more
  • Honolulu beach: Sandy Beach Park

    Sandy Beach Park

    Honolulu, Oahu
    This beach is on the beautiful coastline along the south-easternmost point of Oahu. It is remote and removed from the hustle and bustle of downtown Honolulu, yet just a short 25-minute drive away. On a clear day you can see the island of Molokai... Read more
  • Honolulu beach: Ala Moana Beach Park

    Ala Moana Beach Park

    Honolulu, Oahu
    In the heart of downtown Honolulu there is a place where city-scape meets beach-scape. A wonder of modern civil engineering, Ala Moana Beach Park consists of 100 acres of green space separating the ocean beach from the city streets. Both the... Read more