Oahu Beaches

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  • Waimanalo beach: Waimanalo Bay Beach Park

    Waimanalo Bay Beach Park

    Waimanalo, Oahu
    Waimanalo Bay Beach Park is a family-style county beach park in the center of Waimanalo Bay, also nicknamed "Sherwood's" by locals. With sand like soft white powdered sugar, shady ironwood forest backing the beach, and regular cooling on-shore... Read more
  • Laie beach: Laie Beach Park aka Pounders Beach

    Laie Beach Park aka Pounders Beach

    Laie, Oahu
    White-sand, turquoise water, ample shade, year-round waves, and a picturesque setting make this beach a favorite with locals and visitors alike. Laie Beach Park is commonly known as Pounders Beach because of the pounding shorebreak found here... Read more
  • Kaneohe beach: North Beach

    North Beach

    Kaneohe, Oahu
    Despite the epic, world-famous surf breaks that Oahu boasts, the windward side of the island has a serious lack of good surf spots. Because of this, North Beach is a rare treasure an exquisitely beautiful, postcard-perfect beach with... Read more
  • Hawaii Kai beach: Maunalua Bay

    Maunalua Bay

    Hawaii Kai, Oahu
    Aptly named, Maunalua (meaning two mountains) is located along a beautiful stretch of southeastern Oahu coast in-between Diamond Head and Koko Head. This bay is a watersport lover's dream, offering wide-open space, epic views, and perfect... Read more
  • Ko Olina beach: Tracks Beach Park

    Tracks Beach Park

    Ko Olina, Oahu
    While not in the prettiest area (across from a busy highway and a power plant), Tracks Beach Park is gorgeous and relatively quiet with crystal clear, turquoise water. The beach is on a downward slant with lots of trees and bushes at the top,... Read more
  • Kapolei beach: Barbers Point Beach Park

    Barbers Point Beach Park

    Kapolei, Oahu
    If you're planning a beach day, Barber's Point isn't the beach for you. However if you want to fish, see the lighthouse, or happen to be in the Kapolei area, it is definitely worth a visit. AT A GLANCE: HIGHLIGHTS: Located adjacent to an... Read more
  • Mokuleia beach: Mokule'ia Beach Park

    Mokule'ia Beach Park

    Mokuleia, Oahu
    Whose familiar with the smash hit TV series Lost will find instant familiarity with this secluded and little-known gem of a beach often used for the ABC show's filming of scenes. Tucked away on Oahu's North Shore, Mokule'ia Beach is a marvelous... Read more
  • Haleiwa beach: Off the Wall

    Off the Wall

    Haleiwa, Oahu
    This world-famous surf break is packed with surfers, photographers, and other beach goers during the winter months when the swells bring wave-chasers from around the world. During the summer months, it offers a calmer and less crowded beach... Read more
  • Waimanalo beach: Bellows Beach Park

    Bellows Beach Park

    Waimanalo, Oahu
    Bellows Beach Park is a family style leisure camp located in Waimanalo, Hawaii. With long stretches of white sand, shady ironwood trees, clear waters and a magnificient view of luscious offshore islands, this beach park offers a great vacation... Read more
  • Diamond Head beach: Diamond Head Beach Park

    Diamond Head Beach Park

    Diamond Head, Oahu
    Located at the base of Diamond Head and encompassing two acres along the cliffs, this beach primarily attracts surfers and features beautiful views, tide pools, good waves, a running path, and extensive coral reef. If you're lucky, you might... Read more